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Life Science

  • Bloody Chlorophyll "Scare" your students for Halloween by exciting the electrons of chlorophyll molecules with "eerie" black light, causing the molecules to release their energy in the form of "bloody" red light in a darkened classroom. You can use this activity to introduce a number of different and interesting science concepts. View »
  • Flipping Molecular Structures The flipped classroom model often starts with replacing whole-class lecture time with traditional homework and using video podcasts to get the notes done in the individual learning space. Few teachers who flip their classes successfully stay in this mode for very long. View »
  • Science of Chocolate Many people enjoy the taste of chocolate, but taste isn't all there is to know about the well-loved flavor. There is also the engaging science of chocolate that you can share with your students. View »
  • Osmosis Eggsperiment Is your osmosis lesson all it’s cracked up to be? Get it cooking with this fun, hands-on activity. Using a couple of fresh chicken eggs and a few household items, students can discover the hard-boiled facts about osmosis in animal cells—unscrambling an abstract concept by making it tangible. View »
  • Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall? What happens when fall arrives that transforms green leaves into a vibrant display of colors? And why do we see red leaves in some parts of the country but not in others? The answer is “more than meets the eye.” View »
  • Science of Love: Oxytocin and Other Love Chemicals What is it about that special someone? What keeps people together long after the sparks start flying? We all have questions about love. And science has some of the answers. View »
  • Cheese Making: An Interdisciplinary Science Exploration Many of us can’t imagine a world without cheese. Without warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, or cheeseburgers, life would be pretty sad. But how is the cheese that we love so much made? And how do we get the different kinds of cheese that we find at the grocery store? View »
  • The Mechanics of Breathing Learn how Boyle's law and the structure of the respiratory system govern the mechanics of breathing. View »