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Microscope Slides

Microscope slides are expertly prepared right here at Carolina. We have microscope slides and sets for any grade. We can also build custom slides to fit your needs. Some of our popular prepared slides include: Mitosis & Meiosis, Histology, and Pathology Animal Slides. Read our guide on how to handle your slides for optimal use.

At Carolina Biological Supply Company, we believe in providing quality materials and reliable equipment to help you provide the best science education for your students. We offer the best quality instruments and provide dedicated technical support for our products.  Our Wolfe, Swift, and Leica microscopes provide your students with the equipment they need to succeed in microbiology, cell biology, and other fields of science when the small details are important.  We offer a wide variety of different types of microscopes as well as parts, accessories, prepared slides and live organisms that can make teaching science easier!

Carolina Supply stays up to date with the newest student microscopes and science equipment ensuring that you will have access with the newest technology available.  Our digital microscopes are perfect for classrooms as they mesh with other technology such as tablets and laptops allowing students to make videos or create images of what they’re studying.  Prepared slides are also available to give your student visual insight on what you’re covering in class!  We also carry accessories such as cases for both microscopes and slides. 

From binoculars, magnifiers, and of course our popular Wolfe microscopes, our optics section is sure to have a tool, device, or accessory for you!