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Non-Vacuum Desiccator

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Featuring a transparent polycarbonate top and polypropylene base, this 6" Non-Vacuum Desiccator is autoclavable at 120° C for 15 minutes.



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This autoclavable 6" Non-Vacuum Desiccator is made of polypropylene and polycarbonate. The top is polycarbonate, which is rigid, transparent, and gives a crystal-clear view of the sample inside. The base is made of white polypropylene and equipped with a silicon rubber O-ring for an airtight seal with the top. This unit is autoclavable at 120° C for 15 minutes. Overall size, 6-3/4" diam x 8" H.

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Item# 742972
Diameter 6” ID, 6-3/4” OD
Height 8"